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There is plenty of work for technical professionals. We like to take your wishes and possibilities into account. In addition to job content, duration of contract and salary level, there are other aspects such as growth opportunities, sustainability, social relevance, working hours and organisational structure. To find out what is important to you, we offer a motivation test. You can do this test online, and it tells you exactly what to look for in your next job, whether temporary or more permanent. At BuildingCareers, we believe you deserve better as an engineer.

Our disciplines

Whether we work for a large multinational or a start-up, our clients have one thing in common: they have a vested interest in maintaining and improving valuable assets – often 24/7 production environments – properly and safely at every stage of the asset management lifecycle.

Engineering & Design

Everything starts with a well-considered design, a budget and a plan. Our engagements in this phase are almost always for asset owners. Both engineers and project managers know us well, and we know them well. We rarely have assignments with engineering firms.

Construction & Commissioning

Good preparation prevents surprises. Many of our assignments are brownfield projects, where things often go differently than expected. Stakeholder management in practice, and of course safety goes first.

Production & Maintenance

No production without proper maintenance. Well-prepared maintenance stops and smart maintenance are also indispensable for achieving maximum production.

Decommissioning, Revamp & Overhaul

Renew or demolish? This is not only a financial consideration, but also a social one. The energy transition requires new technical knowledge and skills.


Here is an overview of great opportunities at BuildingCareers. Not all our vacancies are online, sometimes because we are in a hurry to fill them and sometimes because we fill the position without additional publicity at the request of our client. If your ideal position is not listed, then it is advisable to send an open application.

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