About us

Our mission and vision… We bring clients and professionals together using our knowledge, eye for quality, an extensive network of engineers, but above all our heart for engineering.


Mission We provide the very best match between client & technical professional within the 24/7 industry. At every stage of the asset lifecycle: from design to construction to manufacturing to maintenance and sustainable decommissioning and recycling. Always the right job for the right person.


We believe in a future in which knowledge and expertise of exceptional technicians in the right places ensure acceleration of technical innovation and sustainability in industry and society.

Core values


Building bridges

We believe in the great people we work with and are curious about what drives them. This not only gives us energy, but also helps us to make the best matches. The basis of our success lies in trust, openness and a personal connection.

Passion for technology

We love technology and recognize quality when we see it. When we do something, we do it with care and attention. That distinguishes us and characterizes our key role in the industry in the Netherlands. We believe that technical innovation, talent development and placing the right engineers and technicians is essential for our future.

Sustainable future

We do not go for quick profits but always aim at the long term. Both in our relationships with clients and in our efforts to contribute to the energy transition. We select the technicians of the future and actively work to make the industry more sustainable. So that the Netherlands can continue to have a thriving industry in the future.

Sharing knowledge

Room for growth and development are central to us. We are ambitious, curious and always ensure that we are up to date with developments in industry and the labour market. We encourage our people to continue to specialise and grow within their field. For the industry and our customers, we act as a knowledge partner.

Custom work

When making a match or solving a problem, we like to think “out of the box. We are creative, like to look beyond the obvious solution and can move quickly when necessary. Together, we can often achieve a lot, resulting in customised and unique innovative solutions.