In 2021, SAB Detachering and BuildingCareers Werving & Selectie continued under one name: BuildingCareers. This is preceded by a long history. That history goes back even to 1950….
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SAB: it began in 1950

The SAB foundation was established over 70 years ago as a subsidized labor pool with permanent people to unload the wood ships in the port of Zaandam. This was long before the word ‘flex work’ existed. From 1951 SAB mediated employees for steel company Hoogovens, now Tata Steel, which in that year had a great shortage of workers.

In the 1970s we expanded our work area significantly

In addition to staffing people for port and production work, people were also hired for secretarial and administrative jobs. Because we became more and more at home in the industrial sector, after a while the demand for higher educated technical specialists came. Na verloop van tijd werd stichting SAB omgedoopt tot SAB Detachering. After some time, the SAB foundation was renamed SAB Detachering.

old logo SAB1950

BuildingCareers: it all started in 2000

BuildingCareers started from Haarlem as a recruitment and selection agency for engineers. Responding to increasing demand, the network grew rapidly. Corus IJmuiden, the current Tata Steel, is one of its regular clients.

Collaboration with Corus

In 2008 BuildingCareers started posting engineers together with SAB. Mainly in response to demand from Tata Steel, but also for other clients. In addition to this collaboration, BuildingCareers also remained active as a recruitment and selection agency.

Tata Steel: a special bond

Tata Steel has an enormously important role in the region. Because we have been working there for 70 years, we feel at home there. We are well aware of the different roles within the company. We have been through a lot there. As a result, we know what’s going on and have an unfailing sense of what is needed and who fits in at which place in this special company.

In 2015, Tata Steel stepped down as a participant in the SAB foundation. We transferred our activities for production and administrative staff and since then, we have been making qualified technicians and project managers (at different educational levels) available to various industrial clients.

SAB Detachering and BuildingCareers have since worked closely together, but for a long time continued to serve the market of engineers and industrial clients as separate labels: SAB as a secondment provider, and BuildingCareers as a recruitment and selection agency.

Those separate labels came to an end in 2021. Since then we have been working as one team under the name BuildingCareers. The long history of SAB will of course remain an important part of our identity.

Since May 2022, BuildingCareers has been located in Zaandam.