Corona update: working together in times of crisis

The intelligent lockdown is almost starting to get used. After a few weeks, we pretty much found our feet in “the new normal. Working from home has become the norm and online meetings everywhere are running more and more smoothly.

However, our field of work has changed dramatically in recent weeks. Where before there was a great scarcity in the labor market with especially a great shortage of talented technical personnel, now everything seems to be upside down. Some businesses are practically at a standstill. For them, the NOW offers a solution: the Temporary Emergency Measure Bridging Employment. This scheme was created by the government to prevent employers from having to lay off staff due to the effects of the coronavirus.

Exchange of personnel

But where one business is at a standstill, another is still screaming for people. Some sectors are just running full steam ahead. Sometimes it is even extra busy due to growing demand in these already hectic times. This is why collegiate hiring and borrowing is a hot topic; employees who are on paid home time can, in many cases, find temporary employment with other companies. This keeps as many people as possible at work and ensures that personnel are used as effectively as possible.

Last week, our colleague Robrecht Bakker, together with Fleur van Assendelft de Coningh and Barbara Veldmaat of law firm CMS, provided an online presentation on that topic to the members of Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP). In it, the possibilities of personnel exchange were presented to the members. It also focused on legal and practical challenges in hiring and lending.

Collaboration with members of AYOP

In this session, Robrecht presented a plan to AYOP members that would facilitate mutual hiring and borrowing in the region. That way, together, we can ensure that as many people as possible stay in work. In doing so, we hope to minimize the damage from the corona crisis.

SAB Secondment has been operating in the North Sea Canal area since 1950 to solve capacity issues with customized solutions. We were founded to work together for success in the crisis period after World War II, and we are convinced that by working together we can also get through this crisis. Our colleagues can provide input and advice on current hiring policies. We can do a check on rates, but also, for example, detect hidden wage subsidies and apply to the UWV. Want to know more about this? If so, please feel free to contact us. Email or call 06
46 41 88 29


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