Getting to know Techport at the FieldLab Smart Maintenance

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We would like to introduce you to Techport: for the future of the manufacturing and maintenance industry.

Within the public-private partnership Techport, more than 50 companies and schools work together on new innovations, updating training, developing continuing education programs and recruiting young (engineering) talent. The focus is on digitization of industry: Smart Industry and Smart Maintenance. In this way, Techport works with partners to create a smart and sustainable industry and region.

Fieldlab Smart Maintenance Techport

A special collaboration within Techport is the Fieldlab Smart Maintenance. A consortium of companies, educational and knowledge institutions is working together on smart maintenance: the predictability of maintenance based on data. In the Fieldlab, algorithms are being developed that can predict maintenance of plant equipment. Testing is also being done with different types of sensors on different installations. In the field lab, Techport distinguishes 4 different work streams:

  1. The pilot plant, experimenting with sensors on pumps and motors
  2. Use cases in factories including at Tata Steel, where various plants are being equipped with sensors
  3. Business innovation: how can we scale up developed knowledge and technology and what cooperation and revenue models fit this?
  4. Developing education based on the latest insights

Techport is continuously looking for partners who want to contribute to the future of the manufacturing and maintenance industry. That’s why we think it’s important for our network to get to know Techport as well.

Introduction to Techport

Last April, we planned a meeting where our network would learn about Techport through a presentation, tour and demonstration at the Fieldlab. Then we would conclude with a joint drink. Unfortunately, the corona crisis threw a spanner in the works. Due to restrictions, this meeting could not take place.

But what is in the barrel does not sour! We certainly plan to continue this meeting at the time it can be done again. In addition, we are happy to share the video below about Techport and the Fieldlab Smart Maintenance.

Keep an eye on our website and newsletter for updates on the introduction to Techport! In the meantime, want to learn more about smart maintenance and Techport’s activities? If so, please contact program leader Gerik ten Berge at!


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