How we work smarter with Recruit Robin

Intelligent sourcing

Automation is not only the order of the day with our clients…. As an employment agency, we can’t escape it either. That’s why we recently started using Recruit Robin. This is a sourcing tool that works with artificial intelligence, which allows us to find and approach available candidates much faster.

How does it work?

Recruit Robin has access to various platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Techniekwerkt. This gives us a complete overview of all employed people with a technical profile. And with smart filters, we can bring out just the right information.

What does it provide?

Thanks to Recruit Robin’s smart solution, we can guarantee our clients that we – and therefore they – don’t miss out on interesting candidates. In addition, we can still rely on our expertise and experience, as well as MatchQ’s trusted selection tool. This way we make sure we can substantiate the match on behavioral aspects as well. All to ensure that our clients are optimally served with sustainable mediation.

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