No more VAR, but model agreements

DBA meeting SABMonday, April 25, SAB 1950 hosted a meeting for ZZP’ers in the context of the new DBA law. Maarten Tanja of “Köster advocaten” provided information on the use and review of the new model agreements.

The emphasis of the new law is on Labor and Authority; that is easy to explain but not easy to test with that. Are you free to decide when you work, can you send someone else to take over your work if it suits you better? No years of consecutive same jobs for one client or more consecutive jobs through the same intermediary? The new Law creates many questions. The model agreements do offer options but the right answer is not given on a ready-made basis. It will be customized for everyone. The hirer will also have to treat ZZP workers as entrepreneurs and not as employees. In short, there is still much work to be done and from SAB 1950 we are going to work on this.

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