SAB Secondment becomes BuildingCareers!

The cooperation between SAB Secondment and BuildingCareers Recruitment & Selection has been very close for years. Although we are two different companies on paper, we work under the same parent company, in the same office and for the same people: engineers and industrial clients.

A piece of history

The history of SAB Posting goes way back. SAB originally stood for Foundation Central Administration Office. This foundation was established in 1950 as a subsidized labor pool of regular people to unload the timber ships in Zaandam harbor. This was long before the word ‘flex work’ existed. Beginning in 1951, SAB Secondment brokered employees for steel company Hoogovens, now Tata Steel, which had a severe shortage of workers at the time. Because this worked well, employees were hired by SAB specifically for Hoogovens starting in 1955.

So it went on for years and years, until in 2008 BuildingCareers was asked by Corus to set up a secondment department for engineers within the then SAB foundation. In 2015, BuildingCareers Companies took over that secondment division. From then on, SAB Detachment partnered with BuildingCareers under the same parent company. BuildingCareers moved from Haarlem to SAB Detachering’s Beverwijk office.

The future

From the moment SAB Detachment and BuildingCareers worked under one roof, the boundaries between the two companies became increasingly blurred internally as well. And where at first it made sense to keep the two different labels, over time the synergy became optimal. At the same time, it was not always clear to our customers why we were operating under two labels. That’s why we tied the knot in 2020…. We continue as one company under one name: BuildingCareers.

We will, of course, continue to offer the same services in the new situation. In some situations secondment is the best solution and in others a route of recruitment & selection will be more appropriate. We can offer a broader, more flexible and more complete service under one name. This is nice for both job seekers and clients.

What will happen?

Until the end of 2020, nothing will change for the outside world. In the first quarter of 2021, we will deploy the transition. A new website will then be launched for “the new BuildingCareers,” so we will move to one website, one phone number, one LinkedIn company page, and so on.

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