Tension in labor market rises to record levels

Tension in the labor market has rarely been this high. For example, in the second quarter of 2021, for every 100 unemployed, there were 112 job openings. And in Utrecht, there were as many as 130. CBS figures show that.

We too notice this daily in practice. Employers are struggling to fill their vacancies and must pull out all the stops to attract or retain employees. And the candidates we talk to are quite willing to switch, but there has to be something in return. Salary obviously plays a role then, but other factors and conditions are also important.

As mediators, we can really make a difference in this: finding out what you are really looking for in your job, and finding the best match for it. Through our years of experience in the labor market and our special focus on senior positions in industry, we know better than anyone else how to place the right person in the right place. In doing so, we use professional tools such as MatchQ‘s assessments. These tools allow us to identify work behaviors and motivations of our candidates. This is not only a plus for the candidate, but also for the employer.

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