The first networking session is a reality!

SAB Posting takes a different approach! In these times of automation and impersonal portals, we take a personal approach instead.

With that in mind, a group of professionals recently came to our office for a workshop and networking session. During this workshop, we went to work for more continuity in assignments. At Tata Steel, where many of our people work, a number of projects are being discontinued. As a result, the need for a wider range of clients is growing. Sharing our networks together will make it easier to gain a foothold with more clients, and everyone benefits.

During the first round of the workshop, the question was asked in small groups: what do you expect from SAB regarding network sharing? The second round discussed the various networks: where are the opportunities? Again, opportunities with clients in everyone’s network were discussed in small groups. The second round was actually the crux of the entire meeting. During this round, it became clear that the attendees have a lot of mutual trust and are very willing to share their networks. Everyone was eager to help with leads, and participate in warm introductions to (new) clients.

Networking session at SAB's officeWe concluded with a joint round, which addressed the various questions from the earlier rounds in the large group. With the men who have shared their contacts, we will make separate arrangements to take concrete steps: make appointments with new clients including site managers, maintenance managers and CAPEX managers. There we can then begin to present ourselves as a collective of collaborating professionals. We can provide supervisory and/or management expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, E&I, piping, hydraulics, cleaning, welding, testing, safety, etc.

We would like to thank those who attended for their efforts. Couldn’t attend and would still like to contribute? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Also, our new colleague Zsuzsa will be contacting as many professionals as possible in the near future to elaborate on various issues. And we especially want to follow through. So in addition to the 1-on-1 actions with some of the attendees, we immediately set to work on a new networking session. Stay tuned!


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