Our working method

We always go for a sustainable match. A job and client that suits your wishes, values and ambitions.

Looking for a sustainable green job? A complex technical challenge? Would you like to participate in a major maintenance project? An interim management job? BuildingCareers connects highly trained technical personnel to industrial clients in North and South Holland. In 25 years we have built up a large warm network. Both candidates and clients experience us as expert, transparent and reliable.

Being mediated by us means:

  • Have a sparring partner for your career
  • A new employer or assignment that really suits you
  • Good working conditions
  • Start with good guidance
  • Always time for a good conversation about personal issues

Interim assignments & Project-based deployment

Do you want to quickly gain experience, broaden your knowledge and learn by looking at different kitchens? Then a commitment to a project at our customer or an interim assignment is a perfect opportunity for you. You will quickly be given responsibilities and a concrete assignment and objective, where you can make the difference through your fast learning curve, your skills to quickly get to know all stakeholders within a new organization and to work together.

We take care of your contract, income and remote support. We actively put you in contact with other technical professionals in our network with whom you can spar about issues within your field of expertise.

Employment with a client

When you decide to change jobs, it is important to carefully map out your wishes. In addition to good terms of employment, there are of course many other aspects that provide challenges in your work. Think, for example, of the work-life balance, opportunities to work from home, career prospects, corporate culture and the sustainability ambitions of your new employer.

We are happy to help you and map out which companies suit your needs so that you can make a good decision and get years ahead in your new job.

Over the past 20 years we have built up a large network and we can introduce you to the right place. Of course discreetly and always with your consent and knowledge.

Curious about which positions we mediate? Then click on the button to go to the overview of our disciplines.